Over the last twenty years, protective gear has used aramid (Kevlar) and polyethylene fabrics that produced bulky products to handle the energy of small and large caliber ammunition. These heavy, rigid products lacked the flexibility required for discreet and comfortable body armor. Amendment II is the first technology company that discovered the breakthrough technology of combining Carbon Nanotubes to aramid fibers—a scientific process that was non-existent until now.

Nanotechnology utilizes nano-sized (i.e. no bigger than one billionth of an inch) pieces of matter to construct useful products. At this size, the properties of matter are different than what is expected from macroscopic-sized matter. The arrangement of atoms in nano-sized materials is unusual and this difference can make some materials extremely strong, and others electrically conductive or magnetic. Mixing materials with nano-sized pieces of matter also affect the materials in mechanical ways, changing how it bends, wears and responds to electricity, light and mechanical force. When such nano-sized pieces of matter are mixed with conventional plastics, textiles and metals, they add their unique properties resulting in materials, which are also unique.


CNTsmCarbon Nanotubes are tube-shaped material made of carbon. Carbon Nanotubes can be constructed to be hundreds of times stronger than steel but six times lighter. Overall Carbon Nanotubes show a unique combination of stiffness, strength and tenacity compared to other fiber materials, which usually lack one or more of these properties. Since the 1990’s Carbon Nanotubes have been incorporated into commercial products. These include water and oil purifiers, electrodes in capacitors to provide more current and better electrical and mechanical stability, microelectronics, medical uses such as bone scaffolding, and support for different kinds of structures. This support includes sports equipment, vehicles, rockets, and building materials taking advantage of the ability of Carbon Nanotubes to create networks within composite material to bear the load of the weight and strain placed upon it.

Amendment II’s introduction of disruptive BLACKARMOR CNT technology combines Carbon Nanotubes to aramid fibers. This in turn created an advanced product that is lighter, flexible and stronger than existing products. BLACKARMOR CNT paves the way for a variety of new enhanced protection-products for protective gear and clothing and other industries.