Amendment II is a Delaware corporation. It was founded to develop advanced concepts for protective gear and clothing. It concluded that the next major advance in this area would be the incorporation of Carbon Nanotubes into aramid fibers. Multiple universities and companies had tried but failed due to the fact that Carbon Nanotubes naturally repel all elements found on the periodic tables including the aramid fibers found in protective gear and clothing.

The Company entered into an agreement with the University of Utah Nano Institute to solve this problem. As part of this agreement, Amendment II is the exclusive licensee of the technology developed. Through a collaboration between Professor Agnes Ostafin and Richard Craig, our Founder, Carbon Nanotubes were successfully bound to aramid fibers. A United States and corresponding foreign patent applications have been filed to protect this technological breakthrough.

Amendment II’s introduction of disruptive BLACKARMOR CNT technology combines Carbon Nanotubes to aramid fibers. This in turn created an advanced product that is lighter, flexible and stronger than existing products. BLACKARMOR CNT paves the way for a variety of new enhanced protection-products for protective gear and clothing and other industries.